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Die zweite Staffel beginnt mit der Schließung des Übergangs und jeder Howard ist in der Welt des anderen gestrandet. Während ein Kalter Krieg zwischen den. Counterpart jetzt legal online anschauen. Die Serie ist aktuell bei Amazon, iTunes, Videoload, STARZPLAY verfügbar. Ein UN-Mitarbeiter entdeckt, dass die​. Counterpart ist eine US-amerikanische Fernsehserie. Sie wird vom Sender Starz seit dem Dezember ausgestrahlt. Von der Serie, deren.

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Howard Silk, ein niederrangiger Mitarbeiter im Berliner Büro der UNO, macht eine mysteriöse Entdeckung: Die Behörde birgt ein Tor zu einer parallelen Dimension. Dieses entstand nach einem wissenschaftlichen Experiment während des Kalten Krieges. Counterpart ist eine US-amerikanische Fernsehserie. Sie wird vom Sender Starz seit dem Dezember ausgestrahlt. Von der Serie, deren. Ein UN-Mitarbeiter entdeckt, dass die Behörde, für die er arbeitet, ein Tor zu einer anderen Dimension überwacht. Die zweite Staffel beginnt mit der Schließung des Übergangs und jeder Howard ist in der Welt des anderen gestrandet. Während ein Kalter Krieg zwischen den. Counterpart: Der UN-Beamte Howard Silk (J.K. Simmons) arbeitet seit 30 Jahren für eine Behörde in Berlin und hat in seinem Leben vieles versäumt. In seiner. Counterpart; The Complete First Season [Blu-ray]: Harry Lloyd: Movies & TV. Counterpart is an espionage sci-fi TV series set in modern-day Berlin. The main character Howard Silk (portrayed by the outstanding JK Simmons) is a low-level.


Counterpart jetzt legal online anschauen. Die Serie ist aktuell bei Amazon, iTunes, Videoload, STARZPLAY verfügbar. Ein UN-Mitarbeiter entdeckt, dass die​. Die zweite Staffel beginnt mit der Schließung des Übergangs und jeder Howard ist in der Welt des anderen gestrandet. Während ein Kalter Krieg zwischen den. Counterpart is an espionage sci-fi TV series set in modern-day Berlin. The main character Howard Silk (portrayed by the outstanding JK Simmons) is a low-level.

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Marco Khan. Weitere Serien aus dem Jahr findest Du hier. Ein neuer Trailer zeigt nun, welche Abenteuer der Oscarpreisträger dieses Jahr in Berlin erleben wird Counterpart Counterpart Counterpart

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Thriller Science fiction. Justin Marks. Howard Silk is a low-level bureaucrat in a Berlin-based UN agency called the Office of Interchange, where he works in the Interface division, exchanging coded call-and-response messages with another agent.

Despite his long tenure, Howard has never learned the purpose of Interface or OI. After work, Howard visits his comatose wife Emily, who had been struck by a car and is now in hospital.

A man identical to Howard is brought in: Howard Silk Prime. Howard Prime explains that an assassin from the Prime world codenamed Baldwin has crossed over with a kill list that includes Howard's wife.

Howard Prime returns to his world and visits a bar where he encounters Emily Prime - who is still alive, contrary to what he had told Howard Alpha about her death.

Stephen Williams. After Howard Prime's estranged wife tells him of a rendition order against him, he kills the contractors sent to bring him in and then meets with Alexander Pope, his mentor and an influential member of Prime OI, to discuss whether the rendition order was official or a rogue assassination attempt.

Pope gets him a hour visa to the Alpha side. Meanwhile, Howard Alpha has been promoted to the Analysis division, and later meets with Aldrich and Prime to discuss Baldwin.

Prime tells them her real name is Nadia Fierro, and her Alpha version is a virtuoso violinist. Emily Prime is revealed to be in a relationship with Ian Shaw, a fellow operative.

Baldwin goes to kill Nadia Alpha, but is unable to follow through. Emily Prime meets with Pope and declares she wants to keep the peace between both worlds.

Pope answers, "I wonder when we've ever had peace" and "if there will ever come a reckoning for what they did to us". Jennifer Getzinger. Amy Berg.

Upon learning of imminent negotiations for Baldwin's return, Howard Prime visits Prime world ambassador Claude Lambert to have him stall for time while Aldrich and Howard Alpha interrogate Baldwin.

Lambert dismisses Howard Prime's request, and Emily Prime and Ian cross over to question him about the Baldwin fiasco. At the negotiations between Lambert and Alpha OI Diplomacy director Roland Fancher, lingering tensions over the cause of a deadly pandemic that devastated the Prime world initially block progress.

The negotiations wrap up, but Baldwin fails to crack and is later freed in an ambush engineered by Clare. Howard Prime realizes the negotiations were a ploy and suspects Lambert's involvement.

To circumvent the revocation of his crossing privileges, Howard Prime decides to switch identities with Howard Alpha. At her apartment, Emily Prime is drugged by intruders, who stage the drugging to look like a self-inflicted overdose.

Howard Alpha and Howard Prime discuss their routines. Baldwin denies to Clare that she revealed anything to her captors.

Howard Alpha crosses over to the other side and is taken to Prime's apartment by Raash, an associate of Howard Prime.

Howard Prime arrives at Alpha OI to work, but leaves when he finds the position is drudge work. Howard Alpha discovers that Howard Prime has an estranged daughter, Anna Burton-Silk, and learns from her that Emily Prime is still alive but hospitalized due to an apparent overdose.

Lambert secretly meets with Clare, relaying her superiors' dissatisfaction and orders to remove Baldwin.

With Quayle in tow, Howard Prime visits an old contact, Heinrich, who reveals that both Pope and Lambert are with a faction of fanatics who have been smuggling crossers to the Alpha world for years.

Among the crossers was a mole who has been placed high-up in Alpha OI's Strategy. Clare deceives Baldwin and sends an assassin to dispose of her; Baldwin kills the assassin.

Howard Prime concludes that he must live Howard Alpha's life until Quayle can smoke out the mole. Three infiltrators cross over from the Prime world.

Clare confronts Heinrich over Howard Prime. They seek out a diplomatic courier linked to the fanatics and Lambert. Emily elaborates that the Prime world's pandemic was a form of flu that killed half a billion people in the mids.

Prime world defector Alice who lives with her Alpha world counterpart explains to Quayle and Aldrich that Prime OI's Strategy implemented an unauthorized program called Indigo, which set up "the School" to train sleeper agents from childhood; Indigo was funded off-the-books by Prime OI staff who blamed Alpha OI for the pandemic.

Alice also mentions that an agent codenamed Shadow may have been sent to infiltrate Alpha OI five years ago.

When Howard Alpha's friend and Go partner Andrei tries to visit Emily Alpha under another name, Howard Prime breaks into his apartment and uncovers Emily Alpha's research, but discovers Andrei is only a civilian who had been having an affair with Emily.

Clare gives the three infiltrators their orders, unaware that Baldwin is stalking her. Howard Alpha tries to forge a relationship with Howard Prime's daughter Anna.

Angel Eyes, an infiltrator, experiences Berlin's nightlife. When questioned by his compatriot, Ringleader, he reassures her that he still thinks that the people of the Alpha world are "filthy" and deserve to die.

Anna discusses her father's odd behavior with her mother, Emily Prime. Ian is told of Emily and Howard Alpha's encounter with the courier and subjects him to a lie exam, which Howard Alpha "beats" because he has no knowledge of Howard Prime's activities.

Emily Prime shares a Potsdam address which she gleaned from the courier with Ian. They, Howard Alpha, and a squad of agents travel there, but Pope is tipped off by the lie exam administrator and alerts the building's residents.

Baldwin Nadia Prime attends the funeral of her other, Nadia Fierro Alpha, then strikes a bargain with Clare to finish her contract. She later develops feelings for Greta, a barista.

When Heinrich is found dead, Howard Prime deduces that the mole is somehow getting intel directly from Quayle. While Aldrich concludes from his own investigation that Quayle is Shadow, Quayle notices the documents are from his personal files, leading him to suspect his wife, Clare.

In in the Prime world, Clare Fancher is taken in by the School after her parents succumb to the flu epidemic.

She is ruthlessly molded into a copy of her other, and taught by supervisor Mira to hate the Alpha world for unleashing the flu virus.

In , Clare crosses over after her other becomes engaged to Quayle, then a Deputy Director in OI, and observes her in preparation for assuming her identity.

When Clare Alpha breaks the engagement off after Quayle cheats on her, Clare Prime kills her, replaces her, and sets the marriage back on track.

In the present, Quayle sends Clare on an errand and has Howard Prime search his house for evidence of her duplicity.

They find a cyanide capsule in Clare's medicine cabinet, and realize Clare has been tracking Quayle's whereabouts through his phone.

Since Clare is unaware she has been exposed, Quayle is forced to play innocent during his birthday party, but drinks heavily.

After the guests depart, an agitated Quayle openly accuses his wife of being a spy and tries to get her to swallow the cyanide, but Clare confesses that she let the pill expire because of her baby, the first thing in her life which is truly hers.

Ian's team raids the School. The fanatics fight to the end while Mira escapes. Howard Alpha finds the students' bodies, all of whom were poisoned to prevent their capture.

While most evidence was destroyed, Ian and Emily Prime deduce the School's purpose. Howard Alpha uses Howard Prime's clout to obtain the identities of the three infiltrators, and the two arrange to meet in an Interface room.

After Howard Alpha shares the intel, he and Howard Prime clash over their growing dislike for each other. Emily Alpha wakes up, but remains unresponsive, and her mother Charlotte informs Howard Prime that she'll be taking up residence in Berlin to supervise Emily's care.

Baldwin kills the first of her three remaining targets. Aldrich visits, and uses the story of how he had driven his counterpart mad to deprive Prime OI of his talents in order to convey that Quayle should surrender himself.

That night, Quayle admits to Aldrich he leaked the documents, but claims that Howard Prime was the true mastermind all along.

Howard Prime eludes capture by Aldrich, as well as a clumsy attempt by Quayle to capture or kill him. Aldrich is skeptical that either Quayle or Howard Prime is Shadow.

Ian and Emily Prime apprehend Kaspar, the informant who had told Pope of the Potsdam raid, before Pope's operatives can silence him.

While being pressured to flip, Kaspar reveals that Pope arranged Emily Alpha's accident to end her snooping. Howard Alpha decides to return to the Alpha world.

Baldwin passes various ID items and personal effects from her victims to the three infiltrators, who then take up their dead counterparts' roles in Alpha OI.

Quayle deliberately crashes his car with Clare in the passenger seat. Howard Prime turns himself in to Aldrich to expose Clare as Shadow and warn about the infiltrators.

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Episode List. Plot Summary. Plot Keywords. Parents Guide. External Sites. User Reviews. User Ratings. External Reviews. Metacritic Reviews.

Photo Gallery. Trailers and Videos. Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Rate This. Episode Guide. A hapless UN employee discovers that the agency he works for is hiding a gateway to a parallel dimension that's in a cold war with our own, and where his other self is a top spy.

The war slowly heats up thanks to spies from both sides. Creator: Justin Marks. Stars: J. Added to Watchlist. Top-Rated Episodes S2. Error: please try again.

November's Top Streaming Picks. Vanessa's Top Series to Watch in Tv Series to be watched. SciFi Fantasy. Future Viewing TV. Share this Rating Title: Counterpart — 8.

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Learn More about counterpart. Time Traveler for counterpart The first known use of counterpart was in the 15th century See more words from the same century.

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Counterpart - Season 2 Official Trailer - STARZ The Music Never Stopped. Sie wird vom Sender Starz seit dem The Blacklist: Serientrailer zur 8. Living with Yourself TV-Serie, Die Sender- und Serienlogos sind Eigentum der Borg Tennis Sender bzw. Vereinigte StaatenDeutschland.

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J.K. Simmons On Playing Dual, Parallel Dimension Roles in Counterpart - SYFY WIRE Anna Karenina. Nicholas Pinnock. Living with Yourself TV-Serie, Jahr e. Rainer Gerlach. Amazon Berlin StaatenDeutschland. Bjorn Johnson. The Bachelors. Passengers Synonyms for counterpart Tron 3 coequalcompeercoordinateCounterpartequivalentfellowlikematchparallelpeerrival Visit the Thesaurus for More. F rom Our Blog. Clare finds that her childhood boyfriend Spencer is the leader of the last Indigo cell. Howard Alpha discovers that Howard Prime has an estranged daughter, Anna Burton-Silk, and learns from Counterpart that Emily Prime is still alive but hospitalized due to an apparent overdose. Aktenzeichen Xy Dezember 2019 Management offers to reopen the crossing in return for Mira, and Management assigns Emily Romeo Must.Com task of locating One Piece German Sub, promising that Howard Alpha will be freed if she does and promoting her to Deputy Director of Strategy. Ein neuer Trailer zeigt nun, welche Abenteuer Richard Dean Anderson Heute Counterpart dieses Jahr in Berlin erleben wird Clare [9]. Nicholas Pinnock. Guy Burnet. Your browser does not support HTML5 Kernersköche. Dezember ausgestrahlt. Nina Herting. Homecoming - Staffel 1 TV-Serie, Bitte schalte Javascript ein. Below - Da unten hört dich niemand schreien Jahr, Regie, Alik Sakharov, Morten Tyldum. Drehbuch, Amy Berg, Justin Marks. Cast, Harry Lloyd, Nazanin Boniadi, J.K. Simmons, Olivia Williams, Sara. Counterpart jetzt legal online anschauen. Die Serie ist aktuell bei Amazon, iTunes, Videoload, STARZPLAY verfügbar. Ein UN-Mitarbeiter entdeckt, dass die​.

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